Leave Tree Removal to the Professionals


The tree in your Burton, MI yard has been standing strong for years, but a fungus has weakened it severely. If you’re concerned that a tree may be threatening the safety of your property, family and guests, call MI Tree Solutions, LLC for a solution. We offer tree removal services to completely remove the tree from your property. We’ll handle the entire process from start to finish, including the stump grinding and debris removal.

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4 signs your tree may need to be removed

You may not want to put an axe to that majestic tree in your front yard, but it might be necessary if it poses a risk to your property. Here are a few indicators that your tree needs to be taken down:

  1. Your tree is dead
  2. Your tree is diseased or dying
  3. Your tree is damaged
  4. Your tree is leaning dangerously
Rely on MI Tree Solutions to safely remove a tree from your property.